Review – “I Hope You’re Well EP” – Violet Night

reviewed by Anna Alger

The stark winter landscape used as the cover of Violet Night’s debut EP matches the mood of their collection of songs describing slow heartbreak. Downtrodden lyrics combine with carefully written melodies blending ambient and alternative sounds to create these songs by the duo from Chetwynd, British Columbia.

Bouncing synths introduce listeners to “Wait,” stripping back as the song’s focus is put on it’s vocals. 80s pop drums provide the base to lyrics full of imagery referencing hope for a relationship to stay strong. There is a smooth transition to the somber “Dawn,” featuring a simple piano melody and electronic beats. Vocal harmonies heighten the track’s drama.

“Comedown” is much more chilled out musically, its casual acoustic guitar pairing with minimalistic piano and a basic beat to contrast more complex lyrics. Languid electric guitar and vocal harmonies flesh out the song. The EP concludes with “I Hope You’re Well,” emotional piano leading the introduction. The song is a bitter call to an ex, ending the EP on an unresolved note.

Chronicling the end of a relationship, Violet Night’s I Hope You’re Well EP stays true to theme but lacks some depth and nuance. Musically, the album shows the different colourings of the duo’s sound. Using traditional rock instruments and synthesizers doesn’t box them in as they work to diversify their playing.

I Hope You’re Well EP is available via Violet Night’s Bandcamp page.

Top Track: “Dawn”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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