Audible/Visual Hoots: Astronomer, Blimp Rock, Nick Faye & The Deputies, & More

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 9.35.13 AM
So Young’s “Whatever I Want To”

“Sheryl Crow” – Nick Faye & The Deputies 

Nick Faye & The Deputies give “Sheryl Crow,” a highlight from their 2014 album Worrya fun DIY music video treatment. Done in a vlog style, the easy sounds of “Sheryl Crow” are the soundtrack as we follow the band through parts of Saskatchewan having a bunch of fun bowling and testing out a remote control helicopter before settling down to a buffet meal. – Laura Stanley

“My Mind is a Shark” – Blimp Rock

Blimp Rock return to the “adorable cartoon music video concept” with this latest entry, animated by Parker Bryant. The song is easy for any overthinker to relate to, and the video follows a few characters around the streets of Toronto. We also get a few glimpses of the band themselves, and a return of the seagull from “Lake Ontario Lifeguards.” Can’t help but wonder though: how many people will fit in that blimp gondola? –Michael Thomas

“Whatever I Want To” – So Young

Blog crush So Young crush it again in their previously unreleased song “Whatever I Want To” which will appear on an upcoming London, ON compilation. Channeling 90s pop-punk videos, “Whatever I Want To” finds Paterson Hodgson and her friends stirring up trouble, eating pizza, and skateboarding. Doing, as the song applauds, whatever they want to. – LS

“Light Therapy” – Dream Jefferson

Whenever a musical act “outsources” a music video, the results are always unexpected. Such is the case with Dream Jefferson’s “Light Therapy” from 32X. Filmed in St. Petersburg, Russia by Igor Ustinovich & Julia Simakova, the video at first seems to be a collage of images of fish, sky and eyes, but things take a bleaker turn at the three-minute mark, before ending on a bittersweet note. Oh yeah, and the song is killer, with extra help from PS I Love You’s Paul Saulnier. –MT

“What You Gotta Do” – Astronomer

Though the opening line in Astronomer’s debut single reads, “Got no money to my name!
I’m young and insecure, so sorry to complain,” by the sounds of it, this Toronto trio aren’t really that weighed down by their misery. “You Gotta Do” is a funky and fun pop offering that’s injected with enough spacey sounding keyboards to make the band name Astronomer make sense. – LS

“Other Spooky Is” – Hot Panda

Stream the song here.

It’s been some time — about three years, in fact — since Hot Panda last released new music, so not just any song can properly herald their return. “Other Spooky Is” certainly is the dramatic type of return we can get behind. The nearly six-minute song starts with vocals reminiscent of Shane Ghostkeeper before heading into a creepy refrain. After about three minutes, all hell may literally have broken loose as the song goes into punk-rock territory with vocals so warped they may as well be sung by a demon.  Give us more! –MT

“Ten Thousand” – Emilie & Ogden

Earlier this summer Montreal’s Secret City Records welcomed Emilie Kahn and her harp (!) Ogden to their family. The lead single from Emilie & Ogden’s debut 10 000 (out Oct. 2nd) is an emotional powerhouse with Kahn’s sweet vocals soaring high above the textured soundscape she creates. We’re quivering with anticipation for this record. – LS 

TIO – “Through the Heavy Clouds”

TIO has been tantalizing the blogosphere with a steady stream of singles over the last year or so and are finally releasing a full-length EP come October. Until then, here’s one last single, and perhaps their most smooth and sensual offering yet. Apparently about two lovers “separated by space, but connected through images and fragments of the personal,” this is a kaleidoscopic sorbet of synths, guitars and layered vocals. –MT

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