Review – Morning World – Teen Daze

Reviewed by Jack Derricourt


Well, ok, I guess it’s time for the first review of September. Wow, that one snuck up on me. I was expecting a sudden death alert about the end of summer, but instead I suppose we’ll just segue into full blown final lap madness for 2015. Let’s hope this review’s a good one.

Teen Daze has a new full length release. The Abbotsford, BC musician has produced introspective bedroom pop of the highest calibre for many years now, but this year’s Morning World involved the indelicate process of stepping out of the bedroom and into the bright lights of a more professional studio atmosphere. Not that you there’s a noticeable drop off in the intimacy present on the album. Morning World is the kind of album that stretches luxuriously on your couch as you walk through the door after your first normal work day back from vacation and says, “Oh hey, you’ve got a few messages. I made some tea for you to drink while you read them out.”

The production is shiny, highlighting crisp synth parts and Teen Daze’s own soft, confessional voice. It was definitely worth popping out of the bedroom to get a fuller, more chilled out sound for this release.

There is a swaying, determinedly chill atmosphere to Morning World: tracks like “Post-Storm” and “Garden Grove” set the table for mellow meditations, with muted guitar and cello making appearances. Deep cut “Along” sounds like a blend of Pink Floyd vocals and Radiohead guitars and synthesizers. Single “Morning World” is everything psych and pop should be when they come together, and the lead guitar line is exquisitely trippy.

Listening to this album, I’m now ready for the change: the falling of the leaves, the crowded transit, the end of all golden late night light, its a little bit more bearable with Morning World at my side. Teen Daze knows not to strut too much, but to sway to the pace of the transforming days. Welcome to the Morning World.

Rating: Hunting Call (Excellent)

Top Tracks: “Morning World” ; “Along”

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