One-on-One with Slow Down, Molasses


by Luca Capone

Last weekend, I ferried down to Artscape Gibraltar Point to take in the excellent performances at Camp Wavelength, jumbo jenga, and fire ants! On the Saturday (Aug. 29th), I had a spicy conversation with the crew from Slow Down, Molasses! Deep within the amber heart of the Prairies, they bellow out songs that sound as if Eric’s Trip and The Dirty Three made sweet, oily love, and gave birth to a good ol’ band of super dudes who like their post-rock Scottish, their Indonesian food vegetarian, and their WHL teams terrible (Sorry Blades fans!). We chatted about their dynamite new record, Burnt Black Cars (…), the tantalizingly crafty ways of Jace Lasek, Saskatchewan’s criminally underrated music scene, changing lives with Teargas, why Amigo’s is the best venue in all of the land, flying punches from Neko Case, laser-core, & MORE!

A couple of notes:

  1. For more info on Slow Down, Molasses, head on over here

2. That band you’ll hear blazing it in the background is Blonde Elvis performing live while we we’re chatting. Keep it up, guys!

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