Hermit + Sol Speech @ Ice-Fest III: Global Freezing

by Anna Alger

Crowds filled an East Vancouver arts space for the highly anticipated Ice-Fest III: Global Freezing on Friday, an all ages night of “bass/rap/experimental/hype shit” chockfull of infectious beats and a do-it-yourself aesthetic. Upon arriving, I passed through the entrance lined with paintings by local artists into the well loved space lit by a projector showing images ranging from anime characters to clips of New Order videos, providing an intriguing backdrop for the music to come.

Hermit live at Ice-Fest. Photo by Olivia Chaber.

Brash rap over synths, beats, and bass characterized the sound of Isaiah Bonnette’s rap persona, Hermit, his clever lyricism standing out against the fantasy visuals used in his set. A line to note was, “Call me Thom fuckin’ Yorke, ’cause you know I be a creep,” from “NEET,” produced by Jade Statues, who was also on the bill. The Vancouver based artist delivered his songs with conviction, engaging the crowd as he worked the stage with vocal intensity.

Sol Speech performs at Ice-Fest. Photo by Olivia Chaber.

Later on in the evening, Aidan Bugliarisi took the stage to perform as Sol Speech. Welcoming much excitement from the crowd, his technical difficulties proving no obstacle to the rolling, skittering beats that built the base of his music. Utilizing nature themed visuals, he took concertgoers on a journey into the mind of his self described “expiramental/electronic” sound.

Synth and bass provided layers and atmosphere to his music, hypnotic and entrancing as the beats built upon themselves in tracks such as the club bound banger, “Lights Out.” Looping vocal samples added texture to the dance and house inspired songs.

Hermit and Sol Speech provided two engaging snapshots of Vancouver’s all ages scene, certainly one to watch for unique and danceable tracks. Ice-Fest’s biannual showcase of young talent is a needed outlet for Vancouver’s newest producers, integral to the community its organizers have helped build.

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