Review – “HEART” – Elsa Jayne

reviewed by Anna Alger

Kitchener’s Elsa Jayne is blooming on new EP, HEART, an ode to the most tender of emotions. Coupling bouncing synths with processed beats, Jayne’s lilting vocals are the core of her songs, pop crafted with love.

The EP starts with “Fourteen Days,” a somewhat difficult to follow synth led tune, full of digital percussion. Its warm major chords compliment Jayne’s low vocals rising higher as she emphasizes the need to, “believe.” “Take This” follows, a minimalistic track which focuses on Jayne’s sweet vocal harmonies. “Take this, when I’m gone,” she urges, going on to soar through reassuring “oohs” and “ahhs.”

“Across The Sea” features the hook, “What I want and what you need, are two different things,” over a driving beat and catchy synths. It has the makings of a strong pop single, showcasing Jayne’s songwriting ability more clearly than previous tracks. The title track has an 80s influenced centre, the synths that build its chorus sounding like they wouldn’t be out of a place during the height of synth pop.

Elsa Jayne accomplishes the goal of adding heart to synthesized pop on her new EP, an honest exploration of vulnerability that is ultimately a show of strength in both songwriting and spirit.

HEART is available via Elsa Jayne’s Bandcamp page.

Top Tracks: “Heart,” “Across The Sea”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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