Audible Hoots: Century Palm, Lisa Conway, Jenny Ritter & more

Century Palm
Century Palm

Century Palm – “Valley Cyan”

Nothing is more exciting than new Century Palm music, unless perhaps it’s the news that they’ve signed to the excellent Deranged Record for a new 7″ out on Aug. 22. In advance of that, we’ve got the masterful “Valley Cyan,” It wastes no time digging into its insanely catchy blend of simple notes on synths and effortless strums of the guitar. It’s hard to describe why this single works on every imaginable level so just do yourself a favour and listen. –Michael Thomas

Jenny Ritter – “Wolf Wife” 

A preview of her new solo album, Jenny Ritter weaves a colourful and ferocious tale amongst a folky (banjo, pedal steel et al.) landscape. The familiarity and melodious qualities of “Wolf Wife” makes it an immediately inviting track but Ritter really shines in the strong chorus and this dazzling, and perhaps a nod to Little Red Riding Hood, lyrical moment: “With a taste for the fight, and I with the teeth so white, I am all dressed up in a woman’s guise, and you’d never know but for the eyes.” – Laura Stanley

L CON – “Distance of The Moon”

Just as Lisa Conway brings new layers of intrigue to Del Bel, she shrouds her L CON project with that same enigmatic presence. The Distance of the Moon 7″ takes two early versions of songs from her upcoming albums, and even these early workings are plenty haunting in their own right. Listen above to “Distance of the Moon,” which slowly bounds along on a drum machine beat, synth swells and Conway’s echoey vocals — and later a tasty sax solo.

On the flip side is “Without Colours,” a beautiful song with half its runtime just consisting of bandmate Mary Margaret Wood’s vocals. The latter half brings in some mournful horns that brings the song into a heavenly realm. –MT

LUKA – “O, My Heart is Full” 

Toronto’s LUKA caught my attention late last year with his gorgeous song “Pauses of the Night” and he’s back again making some sweet music. “O, My Heart is Full” is a playful song about looking for love and having a heart-to-heart with…your heart. The combination of LUKA’s sing-speak vocals, harmonies from Julie Arsenault and Ada Dahli, and instrumental additions like the drums accompanying the line “I say “heart, why are you beating so fast?,” makes “O, My Heart is Full” one of my favourite songs this month. – LS

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