Review – “Puberty” – Konig

reviewed by Anna Alger

Toronto’s Nadia Pacey (also known as Konig) continues her steady exploration of inspiration and introspection with debut full length, Puberty. Minimal dream pop puts her vocals to the forefront of these songs, her earnest lyrics captivating listeners. Her music is immediately connective, transcending the assumed limits of electronic instrumentation.

Pacey peels back the cover on her inspiration with side-by-side tracks, “St Vincent (feat. Graham)” and “Treat Me Like A Dog,” where she hears the line “I thought you were like a dog, but you made a pet of me,” in St. Vincent’s “Bring Me Your Loves” and directly follows with an exploration of such an experience. Stripped back, keyboard led “Point of Light” places the focus on Pacey’s honest vocals. “How I Feel” centres around a seemingly simple theme with multilayered complexity which slowly becomes apparent through the song’s growing intricacy. A synthesized beat and inquisitive synths accompany Pacey’s cyclical vocal melodies.

Using snippets of conversation as interludes between songs gives an equal parts domestic and urban quality to the music, the latter heard clearly in “‘Non Stop Talent’ (feat. Subway Soccor Guys).” Next is “Communicate,” a bedroom pop song built with airy synths and light vocal harmonies. A curious synth intro reminiscent of Broken Social Scene starts “It Doesn’t Hurt That Much” off, white intuitive rhythms and rolling piano carries the song forward as Pacey’s child-like vocals narrate a mature look at love.

Nadia Pacey is creating hypnotizing, textured sounds as Konig on Puberty, a far smoother listen than the biological process itself. Lyrically she delves into the awkward and difficult experiences which can be found in such a life transition, marking herself as a musician with a quality strived for by many: strong listener connection. Konig stands out in the Toronto scene as an individual expanding the boundaries of electronic music, sure to entrance new listeners along her path.

Puberty is available via Konig’s Bandcamp page.

Top Tracks: “Point of Light,” “Communicate”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good) + *swoop*


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