Behind the Hoots: July

Destroyer (Photo: Bill Ebbesen
Destroyer (Photo: Bill Ebbesen

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“Girl in a Sling” – Destroyer (Lyrics by Dan Bejar)

Two stars
Three stars
The night sky above
Used to mean everything
To horses in love
Girl in a sling

I don’t know why the girl is in a sling, but it indicates that she has been hurt somehow. The song, therefore, must be about loss of innocence – the girl has been hurt by something in this world and she will never be the same, just as an arm is never quite the same once it’s been broken.

But why horses? Why is it ‘horses in love’? Well, we think of horses (and most animals) as being aware enough to enjoy the beauty around them, but not aware enough to understand the cruelties of life and be disillusioned by them. Horses can’t be disillusioned. The horses represent a state of innocence. The stars in the night sky? We can all recall how magical the stars were to us when we were children. Like jewels hanging in the darkness. Now we know they are planets and distant suns. Still beautiful, but not magical. But they remain magical to the horses in love.

I have a greater appreciation for these words now that I’ve put some meaning to them, but my original mental image still remains. Sometimes I picture the girl with her arm in a sling, but mostly I picture those horses – out in a field, in love, and in a state of magical innocence.

– Mark Anthony Brennan

“Desire” – Dilly Dally (Lyrics by Katie Monks)

Chocolate legs are danglin’ from the skies, I get (Desire)
Milky waves are fallin’ from her eyes, I get (Desire)

“Desire” is such an exhausting and grimy little number. Between Katie Monk’s snarl and the unrelenting cacophony, there’s nothing romantic about it and yet it perfectly encapsulates how it feels to have a crush on someone. Away from Monk’s repetition of the word “desire,” sits the line above. The most descriptive moment of the song, it’s here where Monks gives away how strong her feelings really are and how much shit she is in as a result.

– Laura Stanley 

“Meteor” – Bossie (Lyrics by Anne Douris)

Sirens still go off, the phone rings
But nothing sounds the same, every little note stings
And everything’s so bright that it’s blinding
Stare into the light and wash your senses clean.

This song may very well be talking about a meteor but I believe that it could possibly delve much deeper, a sort of double meaning that could reference a life event that was traumatic in some way (a break-up, death etc). Even the fun and glittery video also shows a side that might not be so pretty (like the clean-up). In our Instagram world we tend to only show/remember certain things (“I remember the music, I remember the fear) and hide away our pain (in the case the meteor).

– Tiana Feng

“String of Dreams and Conversations” – Scott Nicks (Lyrics by Scott Nicks)

A hungry sky my windows fly into the clouds above me
Within my dreams beneath the seams sewn up from my recovery

 Scott Nicks clearly does not take his dreaming lightly. This 10-plus-minute song has a number of great images, like “a ship sunk in the night” but no pair of lines quite gets the mind racing like these two. To dream of such upward notion is one thing, but to add in the needlecraft metaphor in the second line adds a whole new layer. They’re vivid images, but the whimsical nature of the lyrics and the piano-driven melody make the final few lyrics that much sadder in the comparison.

Michael Thomas

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