One-on-One with Freak Heat Waves

Freak Heat Waves (photo from Facebook)
Freak Heat Waves (photo from Facebook)

by Luca Capone

Last Thursday, in the basement of the Smiling Buddha, I had the pleasure of interviewing Thomas Di Ninno & Steven Lind from Freak Heat Waves! Their record, Bonnie’s State of Mind is one of my favourites released in ’15, and so, we talked about the recording of that album, and the influences steeped within it, as well as the DIY music scene in Medicine Hat, improv jams with Damo Suzuki, the spontaneity based around different lineup incarnations (ex-bassist James Twiddy cordially left the group to follow his farming heart), Robo Cop, quenching their thirst on Orange Juice and Plastic Ono Band, a brief history on the hauntings of Victoria, BC, & MORE!

P.S. My recorder not only was acting alittle sktechy, but the band Vallens started sound-checking around the 13:36 mark. It gets a little loud.

For more info on Freak Heat Waves, head on ova hurr: