Review – “Sludge” – Fantasy Creeps

fcreviewed by Jack Derricourt

Here come the fantasy creeps
They’re all around you . . .
-Uncle Bob

The sludge is strong with this one: Fantasy Creeps, forged in Victoria, BC, and given breath by way of the internet wizards. Their new release for the multiverse, titled simply Sludge, is a bolt of shuffling, hobbled rock and roll.

The band name calls to the hallowed halls of GBV power and glory, but I feel comfortable when I say that the band sounds like Black Sabbath’s demos put through a meat grinder and sprinkled generously with Satan’s secret selection of six herbs and spices. The heaviness! The layout of each track is simple, and shreds deep into the distortion and compression of the production. This be lo-fi territory.

How can you pick Sludge apart? The congealing mass of fuzz and muck-rock is all of a similar, scintillating calibre. The cymbals sound like plastic bags and the guitars sound like answering machines. It is glorious!

Moments of note: “Blue Cheer” is an appropriate tribute to that seminal, stripped-down ancestor of sludge rock and metal; the following track “Icy Blood” is loud-quiet-loud at its best, mellow to the touch, then brutal once it’s grasped; closer “Wizards” is the most GBV track, acoustic and wistful — a nice little coda to such an all-out set of recordings.

There’s a lot of good things to be found in Sludge. The guitars and drums and bass and vocals make a mess, and it’s beautiful to behold. They sell these tracks on cassette, so hit em up if you like the noise.

Top Track: “Blue Cheer”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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