One-on-One with Comet Control

Comet Control: (Photo: Laura-Lynn Petrick)
Comet Control: (Photo: Laura-Lynn Petrick)

by Luca Capone

Last Tuesday, on a very sunny evening, not only was Canada knocked out of the Gold Cup (Fire Floro!), I was very pleased to chat with Chad Ross & Andrew Moszynski (joined by the gleeful Chris Geddes of PANIC) of the fantastic Toronto outfit Comet Control, enchanters of possessed, mystical, “laser-focused” acid rock that braised my brain in red wine and allspice on their excellent self-titled debut from 2014. We talked about their upcoming show (last Saturday) with Black Mountain, their passion for the 13th Floor Elevators, Hawkwind, Morgan Delt, Soupcans, loft parties in liberty village, homemade ghost costumes, the legacy of El Mocambo, road trippin’ for roti, and a couple of other interesting tidbits that will surely caress you into a interview-induced hallucination!

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