Audible/Visual Hoots: Layten Kramer, Milo McMahon, Pang Attack & More

Layten Kramer – “Deranged”

The Canmore, AB. songwriter seriously impressed us with his debut EP, and he looks set to having no problem doing with that his upcoming For The Sun record, if this new single is any indication. With vocals reminiscent of Luke Lalonde and some slick production from Colin Stewart, the song gradually adds more and more diverse sounds, from beautiful backing vocals to trumpet and flugelhorn.

-Michael Thomas

Milo McMahon – “Caveman”

The psychedelic-folk jam “Cavemen” is a very exciting preview of Montreal musician Milo McMahon’s EP Who I Knew due out next week. McMahon paints the walls of his cave with bright hues in this textured number that muses on our most primal of urges.

– Laura Stanley

Pang Attack – “Beg The Local Shrines” 

We’ve gone over why this song has great lyrics, and now the dreamy Pang Attack song has an (NSFW) interpretive dance video to accompany it. The serenity of dancer Lola’s moves (in a snowstorm, no less) seems to visualize being in a soul-crushing state of love.


Rory Lavelle – “Get Out Of Jail” 

With a floating head set in black in white as the cover art, I was prepared for something spooky from Rory Lavelle but instead a delightful piano-pop blend met my ears. Like buzzy musician Tobias Jesso Jr., Lavelle does well to revitalize a classic sound with this warm preview of his upcoming debut solo album. Highlighted by the chorus, “and you can get out of jail now because you’ve already done your time,” Lavelle gets self-deprecation and offers us a melodious way out.

– LS

West Nile – “#1FNDR”

I may have been a little too dense to realize the song’s title is pronounced “number one offender,” but nothing is clearer than the fact that London, Ont.’s West Nile is continuing to produce some stellar, stellar stuff. Starting off with gentle synths and vocals, it shifts between serenity and chaos seemingly at the drop of a hat.


Gregory Pepper & His Problems – “Welcome to the Dullhouse”

As Gregory Pepper’s past work shows, he is not one to shy away from genre experimentation. His newest song “Welcome to the Dullhouse” is a whirlwind of 90s/2000s pop-punk that clocks in at around a minute. Reminiscent of Motion City Soundtrack’s “Attractive Today” (anyone??), Pepper will get you contemplating dusting off your old Converse. His new record Chorus! Chorus! Chorus! will be out August 21st.

– LS

John Jacob Magistery – “CAROL”

“CAROL” is many things: it’s a single from this Montreal’s upcoming album Phantom, it’s seemingly the name of a lover and it’s a shapeshifter of a song. Starting with the line “Carol, I love you, Carol, I do” and some light guitar and synth, it could have been an ode. But it quickly has other places to go, as the narrator gives into anxiety. As he worries more and more, the instrumentation gets more intense, from some fuzzy guitar to steady drumming.


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