Review – “Good Will Rise” – Amber Edgar

reviewed by Laura Stanley a1707266122_16

Despite all the troubles, anxiety, and grief found in the four songs of her EP, Amber Edgar insists that the good will rise. And it’s easy to believe her. Each track is a dense display of folk-pop that despite their individual trouble tales, feel strong and in turn make you feel like you can get through anything.

Although it’s only Edgar’s name on the cover, she is backed by a group that are, fittingly, very supportive. Cello, clarinet (Anna Jarvis), horns (Troy Dowding), and apparently a sprinkling of unicorn dust (Bill Majoro) are just some of the added company on the EP that make the emotional pitches of Edgar’s lyrics that much more poignant. 

Edgar lays out her honest approach to writing in the EP’s first statement; “Promises do not exist. Only words I wish would turn into the truth.” A song that’s set in melancholy thanks to its instrumental arrangements, “Good Will Rise” is a vivid display of emotions that captures the candidacy of Edgar’s work.

Though lyrically the two songs are very different, both “The Key” and “Only In Dreams” explore sounds that are engaging in their own right. The moveable bass line in “The Key” feels like the release Edgar sings about while “Only In Dreams” is a more stripped back folk song (banjo et. al) that is super sweet – the grand line, “I’m just a simple bee, would you like to be my honey?” is the highlight – and hopeful. 

The saddening “Danny Was So Young” is another standout. With mournful flairs of a horn accompanying the track throughout, Edgar sings of the tragic end of two friends. Again though, Edgar finds some good, this time in the relief that music gives her, singing, “I took this pain, put it in my pocket, saved it for a rainy day. Strung it with a few chords now it’s an anchor when I’m missing friends.”

Good Will Rise is an emotionally and instrumentally complex little EP that shows there can be light in the darkest of times.

Top Tracks: “Good Will Rise”; “Danny Was So Young”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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