Behind the Hoots: June

Yukon Blonde
Yukon Blonde

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“Rush” – David R. Elliott (Lyrics by David R. Elliott) 

Gladys Love, I’m glad we met. I fall apart like a wet cigarette. 
I buy the smokes, you pay the rent. I walk the line like there ain’t nothing left. 

As I interpret it, “Rush” is a song about settling for something because it’s comfortable and because deep down you don’t think you deserve to expect anything better. Gladys doesn’t seem particularly ecstatic, but she doesn’t seem to mind. Good enough. The cup is half-full. It would be nice if it was closer to full, but that’s too much to ask. When they meet he doesn’t fall madly, crazily, giddily in love. He falls apart like a wet cigarette. The entire song can pretty well be summed up in that one line. Now, that is great writing.

– Mark Anthony Brennan

“Hannah” – Yukon Blonde (Lyrics by Jeff Innes)

Oh Hannah, how was Hillside? Did you pull the hearts out of their eyes? 

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In the simplest song from Yukon Blonde’s funky synth-filled On Blonde record, Innes writes an endearing ode to his BFF and fellow musician Hannah Georgas who he credits for helping him through the most difficult time in his life. Also the sweetest song on the album, Innes, amongst a dreamy soundscape, begins the song by asking how Georgas’ Hillside (Music Festival) performance was. And because listeners get heart eyes when seeing Georgas live, he perfectly captures that experience but asking “did you pull the hearts out of their eyes?” Before it hits the minute mark, the song dissolves into a groove that fits right in with the rest of On Blonde, making for a great little number that’s bursting with love.

– Laura Stanley 

“A Long Time Ago” – Kalle Mattson (Lyrics by Kalle Mattson) 

Memories have fading scars, looking out for more.

Mattson whirls between the anxieties of the past and future in “A Long Time Ago” This line in particular gets at me because it is a lovely metaphor on our ability to move on after heartbreak or life’s hardest moments. We all have our scars, but we also know that they won’t be our last.

– Tiana Feng 

“Guilt” – Tough Age (Lyrics by J. Samson)

All those left who wish me ill can all…get fucked.

It’s good to know that Tough Age can punch with a lot more than just its guitars and drums. “Guilt” is a particularly sprawling song on this relatively short album, following the narrator as he deals with “someone” in his head. Finally, it seems, he’s had enough of inward thinking and is ready to lash out; the line’s pause right before the final two words increases the impact of the huge “fuck you.” And naturally, after he’s made this declaration, the instrumentation and tempo ramps up dramatically.

Michael Thomas

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