Review – “Secret Midnights” – M. Mucci

Reviewed by Jack Derricourt


What do you stare at as midnight closes in on you? Is it the moon, shining out like a beacon for your late/early yearnings? Or maybe your pillow — a sweet comfort in the harshest night. M. Mucci distills those products of wakeful dreaming, and concocts Secret Midnights for all.

Secret Midnights is actually a combination: the cassette is the amalgamation of two separate releases by the artist: “The Secret Is Knowing When to Close Your Eyes” and “Midnights.” The two releases take the form of a-side b-side on this new Arachnidiscs product, and they do so with aplomb.

The entirety of the album is lightly reverberating guitar. There is little consequence to the progression of sounds elicited by the instrument, but that suits the Arachnidisc landscape just fine. These tunes will mellow you out or add significantly to your ability to calm yourself before you alarm yourself.

“A Secret” is a sculpted production. The tones spear off into the distance, allowing the listener to follow cadences with patience and interest. There are so many roads being travelled, it’s hard to pick one to latch onto. But M. Mucci delights without narrative. The stars seem to come out as the secrets are revealed.

The “Midnights” section of the release feels more connected to a format, or a center at the very least. There are lullabyes embedded in the stuttering guitar lines, chances for melody to gain the upper hand. For such delicate instrumentation, M. Mucci never leaves a violent intention too far behind: the definition in the sound has force to it, there is nothing soft about the creation of the tracks as they peel off, one after another.

Secret Midnights is a lot of decadent realism produced by the plucking of guitar strings. It is an album composed of two previous releases, but the sounds and symptoms of listening are so alike, you’ll wonder why they weren’t packaged together like this before. For the hard of frowning and the lovers of love, all over the world!

Top Track: Both of them

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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