Review – “All Signs Point To Yes” – Dave Monks

reviewed by Laura StanleyMONKSCOVER_FINAL_WEB

All Signs Point To Yes excels because of its simplicity. Like his bandmate before him (Graham Wright), Tokyo Police Club member Dave Monks writes quick and catchy songs that are not covered by the band’s usual treatment but left to their own devices. Minus the “indie-pop” swatch, what is left are songs that are just as catchy as any TPC offering but are just that much more sincere. 

“Vegas,” “Gasoline,” and “Summer Dream,” all have a similar combo of an acoustic guitar, various light instrumentation, and an upbeat, dare I say, cute disposition. In “Vegas,” Monks sings of finding “the one for me” in a handclap filled, fun romp. Likewise, “Summer Dream” muses on finding the one, though this time in a more inventive way. In Monk’s summer dream, he marries a beauty queen, has nine children and names them Taylor, and knows she loves him because “I made her.” A great song to help with your own summer time daydreaming.

Notably the quietest of the bunch, “Gasoline” is also the standout. Opening with a simple piano medley and the sweet, sweet line, “save me a part of your heart if you’ve got enough,” “Gasoline” spreads to a folk-pop gem that’s capped off by another great line, “we could start a fire without gasoline.”

In the rest of the EP, Monks expands his instrumentation ever so slightly, including some strings, horns, and some ramped-up percussion. The full-band treatment of “Heartbreak Blues” could easily be a quirky TPC b-side, “The Rules” swings along building up to a triumphant 30 seconds or so towards its end, and “Miss You” flies by thanks to a great drum groove.  

All signs point to you needing to listen to this EP.

Top Track: “Gasoline”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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