Review – “Perish The Thought” – Betty & Veronica

reviewed by Elysse Cloma

a0868819508_16Quirky bands are the spice of life and electro-pop band Betty & Veronica is extra spicy. Their easter egg blue-coloured website is graced with the image of an adorable kitten centred on the landing page and features an excellent pie chart entitled “Chart Title”, which mostly seems to reveal that they’re a bunch of jokesters who can use Microsoft Excel. All joking aside, the Montreal-based trio released their latest album Perish The Thought in early 2015. Described on their Bandcamp page as being “underwater prom music”, the album is reverb-heavy and filled with danceable pop-rock tunes.

Betty & Veronica make electro-pop with a nostalgic sound. This conclusion might be drawn from their all American Archie comic-referencing band name but their music has the feel of 1960s rock and roll enmeshed with 80s synth pop. “CryCryCry” opens with drum machine and one of the album’s catchiest guitar riffs. The chorus features a bouncy bassline and a Beach Boys-esque three-part harmony. Opening track “Mystery Date” is a catchy love song that reveals the album’s concept of lovers at an underwater prom and features the album’s title “perish the thought” in the lyrics. It’s a surf rock tune with a distinguished synth part all throughout.

When Betty & Veronica aren’t making tunes with a surf rock feel, they’re nailing their lo-fi sound. “Just Forget” opens with a noisy distorted guitar section. “Martyr In A Cardigan” and “Time Flies” reference Montreal in their lyrics, and have a relaxed alt-rock groove.

With songs that take cues from early rock and roll, Perish The Thought brings classic pop sounds into the present using synth and drum machine.

Top Tracks: “Martyr In A Cardigan”; “CryCryCry”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really good)

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