Review – “Sarah + 1: A Tribute to Sarah Vaughan” – Delilah

reviewed by Anna Alger

Delilah coaxes listeners into her heart with smooth vocal stylings on new EP, Sarah + 1: A Tribute to Sarah Vaughan. The Toronto based singer has chosen her most loved Vaughan covers to perform, and her respect and adoration of the music is clearly communicated by this collection of songs.

The EP opens with “September in the Rain,” featuring bright horns, soft keys, and classic tumbling jazz drums. Delilah’s voice floats over the music with a sultry air. The poetic lyricism of the song is enforced by her delivery. “Just Friends” has a more relaxed, vocally led delivery. The piano ornamentation cascades at the ends of phrases, accentuating Delilah’s voice.

“Whatever Lola Wants” is full of teasing horns and vocals along with a wandering bassline. Delilah’s vocals have an attitude that is in line with the domineering lyrics. During “Smile,” curious embellishments gently wrap around Delilah’s light, yet soulful voice. Melancholy but with positivity hinted at in the lyrics, she strikes a balance between these feelings in her performance.

Although brief, Delilah’s new EP accentuates her strengths as a vocalist and storyteller, proving the compatibility between her vocals and the genre of jazz. Relaxing, enveloping, and delicately articulated, Delilah is surely a vocalist to listen out for.

Sarah + 1: A Tribute to Sarah Vaughan is available now via Groove United Records.

Top Track: “September in the Rain”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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