Review – “Huddle” – Klarka Weinwurm

reviewed by Laura Stanleya1479187409_16

There’s something irresistible about a well crafted garage-rock song. Their instrumental roughness makes them feel emotionally raw, charming, and the upmost honest. The imperfect platform is sometimes exactly what is needed to express those darker feelings. Each song from Klarka Weinwurm’s new EP Huddle blend all of that good stuff that comes with garage-rock (or in this case garage-pop-rock) making this an irresistible EP. 

In Huddle’s opening track “Tears for Gears,” Weinwurm uses a deceitfully sweet disguise (her vocals) to deliver the heart of the EP – “I try to keep it all to myself and drive the other way.” Its bouncy rhythm cannot jar the importance of the lyric. Weinwurm tries to keep her feelings, and what she feels are important moments, to herself but instead shares them with us. These sentiments are not hidden amongst the sounds of the three piece band, their distorted sludge is not opaque, but exist in the muddled form they were originally felt in.  

In “The Planet” we learn that “afternoons were never good for breakups” and of the relating temptation to “waste it all.” Only changing its steady rhythm slightly, the final moments of the song move away from these desperate feelings into some clarity as Weinwurm finally realizes, “there’s so much doubt, so much clutter, gotta figure it out.”

“Deathrow Tull” (excellent song title) also treads on these feelings relating to romantic complications. Thanks to the fiercer guitar playing, the track is the darkest of the EP. With the repetition of the final verse, “play it from the start, hold it in your hands, I am not looking for a date,” this aggression is better understood.

Spend a bit of time with it and the closer “Thunderstrike” is actually very charming. Whether its a real storm or not, Weinwurm sings of love and protection from “the sparks.” Her final poppy warning, “don’t go swimming in the pond, you’re a target for such luck,” is a very warming sentiment to close on.

Blemishes and all, Huddle is beautiful.

Top Tracks: Tears For Gears”; “Thunderstrike”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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