Review – “Forecast” – Triple Gangers

forecastreviewed by Michael Thomas

The trio of Toronto synth-pop purveyors with angelic voices were long, long overdue for a debut album, but at least they finally released it at an opportune time. As we approach the inevitable, pointless debate over the “song of the summer,” Triple Gangers have released a wonderful summer album.

The trio — Aurora Cowie, Ida Maidstone and Ghislain Aucoin — make fun synth-pop seem effortless, and make such addictive music because of their relatively simple setup. Live, they only need three microphones and a double row of keys. Their vocals do the rest.

Which brings us to ForecastThere’s certainly a bit of weather-inspired titles, from the appropriately winter-themed “Avalanche” to the intense “Tidal Wave,” but mostly this album is just a whole lot of fun from start to finish.

However, it starts on a fairly intense note with “Warpaint.” The ominous-sounding synths and dramatic lyrics would sound right at home in Austra’s catalogue, but Cowie and Maidstone add that Triple Gangers touch with their wonderful dual vocals.

From then on, it’s nearly all fun. “Roadrash” is an album highlight, and if it were a Top 40 radio entry it would be in competition for the pointless “song of the summer crown.” The beats bring to mind running down to the beach, and the chorus with a call and response of “Roll down my window”/ “Roll up another” could be the motto for summer in general.

Those who have seen Triple Gangers around town will recognize many of these songs from their live show. The staccato notes of “Crazy” are as fun to sing “Crazy, crazy, woah” over and over again with, and “Avalanche” is the aforementioned blast of winter air among the summery songs. “Tidal Wave” has Aucoin reaching the lower vocal register as he, Cowie and Maidstone ask the listener to “send love.”

There are some new entries, of course. “Beresford Boys” seems to be about reminiscence of better days, and “Alien Man” is a rare song almost entirely sung by Aucoin—it’s got a real intensity of it and seems intent on relentlessly moving forward.

Just as Forecast started strong, so too does it end well with “Coffee and Cream,” a softer, more emotional song. It’s like going to sleep and dreaming something beautiful, and it’s hard not to feel something with lines like “And we danced for the first time.”

Triple Gangers will have a CD release show June 12 at Handlebar, but until then, we’ve got a forecast of putting this album on repeat for the next few months.

Top Tracks: “Avalanche”; “Roadrash”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good) +*swoop*

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