Review – “Munroe” – Munroe

reviewed by Laura Stanleymunroe

The debut EP from Kathleen Munroe (Munroe) is smokey. It’s as if the Hamilton singer (and actor – you may have seen her on Resurrection) has left her songs sitting by the fire too long and as a result they are hazy, bitter, and leave their mark long after they finish playing.

A mix of folk, erring on haunt-folk, and some pop melodies, the EP is instrumentally sparse but Munroe allows her naturally strong vocals to fill in the gaps when needed. “Bloodlet”, the star of the EP, uses only an electric guitar but has the biggest bite thanks to some emotional lyrics – the desperate line “bloodlet it out till you love me again” hits hard – and haunting vocals from Munroe.

The deceitfully entitled “Summer” is anything but sunny. The pace of the rolling drum beat, a nice pair for the repeating line “don’t make me run,” makes the song obviously lively but digging deeper and Munroe fills this tune with a scorching bitterness that’s hard to outrun. 

The piano-centric “Mercy” nicely shows off an airier side to Munroe’s voice as they seemingly float above her piano chords. At the other end of the EP, “Nothing is Funny” has a similar effect, Munroe’s vocals feel lighter and though the song clocks in under two minutes it feels much larger.

Where “On The Briars” flirts with breaking the EP’s hazy streak,“Bonnie” is the only song to break the spell entirely. A bouncy and winsome sounding number, “Bonnie” is a different side of Munroe but still successful in its delivery.

A promising EP from the multi-talented Munroe, surround yourself with its haze .

Top Track: “Bloodlet”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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