Audible/Visual Hoots: By The Glory, For Esmé, Old Man Luedecke & More

Old Man Luedecke

By The Glory – “Anchor” 

In By The Glory’s very fun music video, reminiscent of Alexisonfire’s “Waterwings” video, we see the band take on fellow Montrealers This Is Awesome in a Pop-punk Bowling Championship for the ages. Providing the soundtrack for all the bowling fun is By The Glory’s energetic new single “Anchor.” A song that’s in an angsty pop-punk style that will take you back a decade or so, it’s hard to resist both the video and song.

– Laura Stanley

Delta Will – “Manic Pulse”

The always-interesting, always-evolving Toronto act recently gave us a first taste of what we can expect from their debut full-length. Inspired by the Ravenscrag building in Montreal (now housing the Allan Memorial Institute), Tilden wrote the song from the point of view of a man dealing with mental illness. The ominous synths eventually give way to a bigger, joyous-sounding chorus, much like the ups and downs of manic episodes.

Michael Thomas

For Esmé – “You” 

For a song that starts off very ominous – that digitized voice repeating “you” is unsettling – For Esmé’s new single blossoms into a warm synth-pop delight. As the layered synths and Martha Meredith’s rich vocals bury the repeating “you,” a danceable beat is poised to make you sweaty all summer long.

– LS

Pet Sun – “Never Quit”

Nothing goes with rock and roll like…whatever the hell is happening in this video. The Hamilton four-piece turns what could be a straightforward performance video into something majorly weird with plenty of green-screen effects. The video gets more and more absurd as it goes along, grounded by the stoner-rock music the band puts out.


Old Man Luedecke – “The Early Days”

The banjo king Old Man Luedecke returns with an endearing account of parenthood in “The Early Days”. Done in that smooth Old Man Luedecke style, he is not hesitant to admit that having kids is perfect (“it’s a total crapshoot to eat out”) but those hectic moments should be cherished, singing, “you’ve got to hold on, it goes so fast.” Luedecke’s album Domestic Eccentric will be out July 24th.

– LS

Seoul – “Real June”

This Montreal band that has nothing to do with South Korea is set to release a new record on June 9, but until then the wonderful single “Real June” will tide us over. The synth-driven song sounds like what floating through crowds must feel like — breezy and indescribably happy. Colour us excited to hear the whole album.


Nicholas Krgovich – “You’re Through”

The latest from the On Sunset album has Krgovich embracing summer a little early. The vaguely tropical, staccato “You’re Through” gets a simple but fun video concept as Krgovich dances around various locales, and he looks like he’s having a ton of fun doing it.


Gianna Lauren – “Mistakes”

A preview of her upcoming album Moon Through Window, Gianna Lauren challenges us to “try being lonely” in this poppy, and a bit psychedelic, number. For a song that’s about the unhappy defeat of owning up to your mistakes, Lauren sure makes it fun.

– LS

Denim Skeletons – “Bully”

Full disclosure: I’m friends with this band, but their new single will be as irresistible to you as it is to me. A flurry of keys and guitar combine for a wonderfully propulsive backing beat, and quick percussive taps help amplify AJ Wright’s reverbed vocals. With a hell of a refrain and an eventual descent into full-fledged noise near the end, the song is all kinds of unpredictable.


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