Review – “New Inheritors” – Wintersleep

reviewed by Anna Alger

For Throwback Week, I was drawn to the darker, far less easy to sing along to than its predecessor, New Inheritors, by Halifax natives Wintersleep.

Pensive strings open the album, leading into understated guitar followed by a fleshed out sound taking over “Experience The Jewel.” The strings strengthen the lyrics, “It’s bigger than you,” as they soar over the rest of the music. Next is “Encyclopedia,” which features nearly spoken word vocals telling a chilling tale. “Blood Collection” is full of melancholy, which has a calming quality to it despite the sinister turns within its melody. The title track has a lightness to it, in contrast to the more serious lyrics.

The album’s high points lie in the back-to-back tracks, “Mausoleum” and “Echolocation.” The former has an anticipatory quality musically coupled with lyrics that are very visual in nature. Strings swoop in at just the right moment to heighten the song’s drama. “Echolocation” has a laid back sound, and rollicks along with confidence.

With New Inheritors, Wintersleep expand and diversify both their sound and lyrical content. The misshapen image that is used as the album’s artwork depicts the stillness that can be found in a clutter of sound, which in the case of the band’s music is an experiment in contrast – one with enlightening results.

Top Tracks: “Mausoleum,” “Echolocation”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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