Premiere: Gold & Shadow – “Search for Sara”

Photo by: Matt Lineker
Photo by: Matt Lineker

Nanaimo, B.C. band Gold & Shadow are set to release their debut full-length album Torch this fall and we’re thrilled to be premiering the first single, “Search for Sara.” A story of a family’s grief after a mother’s death, Gold & Shadow mirror the emotional tides of the lyrics with complex guitar arrangements and a mighty percussion section. With a textured pop-rock sound similar, though piano-less, to their west coast brethren We Are The City, to say Gold & Shadow make powerful music is stating the obvious.

Sure to be filled with rich rock music, according to the band their album:

“…is wide in scope and sound, embellishing the guitars and drums with organs, harmonies, and widescreen ambience. A reflection of its West Coast origins, Torch is a perfect companion to the wild, oceanic landscapes of Vancouver Island, and a testament to the hope, beauty, and inspiration found therein.”

Torch will be released September 11, 2015 but in the meantime give “Search for Sara” your vote in the Telus STORYHIVE contest.

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  1. […] “Search for Sara” is an early highlight, its punchy guitars and bright, groovy drums framing a touching story of a family’s complex response to grief. On many of TORCH’s tracks, complex and crunchy guitarwork gives the choruses major heft, contrasting with delicate phrasing in the verses. Listening through, I was reminded of the recent songwriting work done by Hey Rosetta!, a band with a similarly ambitious, focused and energetic musical aesthetic, albeit one hailing from the far opposite coast. By contrast, “Running Out of Room” is far simpler; a bouncy, poppy arrangement driven by ambling organ lines that roll invitingly under the drumbeats. […]

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