Behind the Hoots: April

Pang Attack

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“Awake” – Folly & the Hunter (Lyrics by Nick Vallee)

We become a cult of inertia / Deep into the act of remembering.

The stillness and indecision that Vallee describes in this opening line is incredibly gripping. Better yet, this vivid lyric is the first line to Folly & the Hunter’s forthcoming record. A loquacious statement that can really be distilled down to “let’s stay as we are because change is scary” is paired with relatively sparse piano-based instrumentals. As the song progresses, and this stillness acts as a catalyst for change, the minimal instrumental pairing turns out to be perfect. When the music grows stronger and bolder, so too does Vallee’s words. Trying to pardon his earlier weakness, Vallee writes, “This is a child’s fear/I am staying right here,” repeating it as much as he can to shake off that former stationary state.

– Laura Stanley

“The Great Bear” – Great Lake Swimmers (Lyrics by Tony Dekker)

A weightless breath, the air alive / Swords of water cutting the sides through half-closed eyes.

I proudly call British Columbia home, so I quickly attached myself to the lyrics in “The Great Bear”. Once again, Tony Dekker has painted us a vivid image of the Canadian landscape, paying close attention to British Columbia’s rainforest. With his unique and intensely emotional voice, Tony Dekker reverently transforms a physical experience –“swords of water cutting the sides through half-closed eyes – into a musical one. These lyrics open the song with an immediate sense of whim, wonderment, melancholy, and solemnity that’s a part of being engulfed in The Great Bear rainforest.

– Elysse Cloma

“Beg the Local Shrines” – Pang Attack (Lyrics by Alex Hackett)

Don’t be shy child, raise your hand and clench your fist. Love does not exist. Your time in the wild, it made you pretty solid, oh it made you pretty quick. Love is so much shit.

There’s something amazing about a song as beautiful as this one essentially saying “Love is terrible, but your life will be great anyway!” The highlighted verse almost mirrors the ups and downs of love—first there’s the passionate image of a raised hands and clenched fist, but then, oh wait, love doesn’t exist, so who cares? You’ve gotten stronger and faster? Great, because that won’t help you with love. The lyrics are just vague enough for two interpretations—either love is terrible and spoils everything, or love is terrible but you can do others things with your life. Either way, “Beg the Local Shrines” batters and bruises the images of love usually featured in a breezy, emotional song like this.

Michael Thomas

“Feel Something” – Jazz Cartier (Lyrics by Jazz Cartier)

I’ve been trying to take control of what I’m doing, but I lost it Lately I don’t know what I’ve been doing, have I lost it / The high is almost over, just relax and keep composure Add some liquor to your liver, smoke a cigarette for closure.

Jazz Cartier’s Maruding in Paradise bars deeper meaning behind edgy beats and fast licks. In “Feel Something” Cartier suffers depression, emptiness and a relationship with abusive relationship with substances that don’t help solve the problem in the long run. In the end he realizes this as he raps “ain’t no need to take another hit cause I can’t feel nothing.”

Tiana Feng

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