Review – “130 King” – Tyson and The Trepids

reviewed by Anna Alger

Tyson Brinacombe of Guelph is no stranger to us here at Grayowl Point, his first solo album, Casio Fiasco, proving to be a noteworthy debut. Now, as a part of his band, Tyson and The Trepids, Brinacombe is back with a collection of love songs straddling the lines between folk, pop, and rock. With a unique sensibility, Tyson and his band have written a crisp and multifaceted collection of looks at the experience of love.

“My Whole World” begins with stripped back guitar, simple drums, and warm bass. The lyrics speak of simple, all encompassing love while the music is bright, with a pleasant major melody. Track two, “Live in the Dark,” has a lovely, laid back quality to it. Casual guitar strums accompany Brinacombe’s feeling that until he is together with the one he loves, his life will be bereft of light. Next is “Monsters,” featuring understated drums and a wavering synth solo. “Fireflies in my head, monsters live under my bed,” croons Brinacombe.

“My Girl” is an especially sunny, more fleshed out track. It has an old school vibe, with a classic sounding bassline. A touch of sinister sounding piano makes its way through “Leave Your Arms,” an ode to the one Brinacombe loves. A highlight of the record is when “Today” melts into a doo-wop-like ending. Final song, “My Heart Lies,” sounds more updated with its modern synth accents. “Say goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye to loneliness,” Brinacombe repeats, as listeners are left feeling full and content.

130 King encompasses feelings of love and joy by way of clever pop song, Tyson and The Trepids seamlessly melding older influences with new sounds from a cluster of genres. This album is very well timed in terms of length, engaging the listener and showing them different sides to a love story without overindulgence. Through 130 King, Brinacombe displays a more mature exploration of the many sides of love.

130 King is available as a pay-what-you-can download via Bandcamp.

Top Track: “Leave Your Arms”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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