Some owls’ picks for Canadian Music Week 2015



With Canadian Music Week just around the corner, Michael and Laura are here to share their top picks of what acts to see:

Ginger Ale and the Monowhales (May 2nd at the Horseshoe Tavern) 

For the night owls out there, Toronto’s Ginger Ale and the Monowhales late night show at the Horseshoe is not to be missed. Their debut EP HA! is filled with ultra-fun bubbly pop music and most recently they did something I don’t think any band has done before – write a really catchy song about blue balls. Even for those who are usually in bed by 2:30 AM, the band’s energetic and sunny pop music will make you feel refreshed.

Toronto Women in Music (May 5th at the Garrison)

We should be far past the point in which we see women as an anomaly in music, but until that day comes this is an awesome bit of music throughout the night. Megan Bonnell will bring the intensity, Dirty Frigs will bring the grunge, PROGRAMM will create a huge wall of sound, Austra’s Maya Postepski will DJ and everything will be right with the world.

The Holy Gasp (May 6th at the Silver Dollar)

For some much-needed beatnik and indescribably wild music, look no further than Toronto and The Holy Gasp. Congas, sax and more will reenergize crowds and then some.

Kimmortal (May 7th at Burdock)

Vancouver’s genre-defying artist is sure to electrify Toronto if her album is anything to go by.

Nick Faye and the Deputies (May 7th at the Dakota)

From a tribute to the west to a poignant album on mental illness, this Saskatchewan group has a lot to say and you’d be foolish to miss out on a rare Toronto appearance.

Donovan Woods (May 8th at the Vault)

Although Donovan Woods’ folk songs are often sad and about heartbreak, his hilarious stage-banter will offset any tears you may experience during his always solid live show. What could make seeing Donovan Woods even better? How about seeing him play in a really old bank vault.

Grand Analog (May 8th at Johnny Jackson)

One of Toronto’s best hip-hop acts will play a performance space that’s recently become awesome. Excellent rapping over live instruments will make for some Friday fun and will leave the audience howling live wolves.

Osheaga 10 Year Anniversary Part (May 8th at the Great Hall)

The Montreal music festival is celebrating their 10th anniversary by putting on a strong showcase of international and up and coming Canadians acts. If the emotions of their record transfer to their live show, blog crush Milk & Bone will have people crying and dancing to their synth-pop music while the piano-based ballads of The Franklin Electric make them another promising act worth your time. 

Music Nova Scotia Showcase (May 9th at the Rivoli) 

Technically an industry only showcase, if you can find your way into it, this Music Nova Scotia showcase should be a great one. Performances from Gianna Lauren, the incredible Paper Beat Scissors, Gabrielle Papillon, who just released a beautiful new record The Tempest of Oldand more, make for an evening of East Coast folk music sure to delight.

Rich Aucoin (May 9th at the Great Hall)

The blog has probably written enough words on Aucoin to fill a small stadium, but the show is sweetened by a killer lineup leading up to him. RLMDL, Pick a Piper and Humans will all pave the way for a joyous finale.

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