Review – “Snake Legs EP” – Snake Legs

snake legsreviewed by Christian Patrick

Drink beer. Fight. Have sex. Do drugs. Repeat.

You see, the trick to being happy in life is simple: Have a good time all the time – a philosophy Edmonton’s Snake Legs live and die for on its debut self-titled EP.

I must confess that my expectations for this four-piece were pretty low. After all, whenever a punk band habitually refers to the amount of booze they drink and partying they do, I tend to recall all those terrible high school punk bands I had to endure as a teen. But the Snake Legs EP proved to be a pleasant surprise. Through the facade of cheap beer and stench of weed, Snake Legs is a band whose songs are actually well-crafted and, more importantly, well-executed.

Snake Legs will have you believe it to be an average beer-swilling, Albertan bar band, but the opposite actually holds true. Under the initial guise of simplicity, the songs are much more than a cliche. Forgoing the expected “us-against-them” punk mantra, the EP explores such topics as carpe diem, homelessness, quitting a dead-end job, and even the virtues of yoga.

The EP is saturated with killer guitar riffs, augmented by a tight rhythm section that channels self-professed influences such as Against Me! and PUP. Musicianship aside, the EP is also laden with introspective and clever lyrics (Just make sure you know that it could take some time, before you can bend and mend like a riff does to a rhyme – “Namaste Mothafucka”). Overall, the Snake Legs EP is an eye-opening experience into a music scene mostly ignored by the rest of Canada. Though, the rest of Canada won’t make that same mistake again.

So just lay back then—with a brew in one hand and a joint in the other—and turn your iPod up to 11 because the Snake Legs EP is this summer’s soundtrack to getting wasted.

Top Tracks: “Tiger Eyes”, “I Quit”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)