Premiere: Dana Sipos – “My Beloved”

roll up the night skyIt figures that she who hails from the arctic can produce such warmth. Dana Sipos once called Yellowknife her home, though she hasn’t stayed in one spot too long lately.

Sipos will probably be moving around even more with the release of Roll Up the Night Sky, out April 30, a (you guessed it) extremely warm collection of songs. Incorporating a wide range of instruments to her folk style, it’s already a hit with us here at the blog.

And that’s why we’re happy to premiere another song from the album — “Me Beloved.”

Says Sipos about the song:

“I have had the joy of singing friends and family down the aisle from Yellowknife to Toronto to New York to Mexico, and I always write songs for these lovers. My Beloved is one such song, it’s really for all the beloveds out there.  It is inspired by the Song of Songs from the Old Testament, one of the greatest love stories of yesteryear.”

And the music is just as lovely as the lyrics, with a strong mandolin backing and Sipos’ wonderful vocal range. Whether or not you’ve got a beloved right now, there’s a lot to love here. Check out the song below.

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