Audible/Visual Hoots: Bravestation, Do Tell, Lonnie in the Garden & more

Still from Lonnie in the Garden’s video for “Song 3”

Do Tell – “See-Through”

Vancouver’s Do Tell (Jocelyn Price) is poised to make a big splash with the release of her debut EP Midseason out June 20th. With EP contributors like Jordan Klassen and Andrew Huculiak (We Are The City), Price has some great company but in “See-Through” she shows her own power. In a poppy projection of the complexities and doubts that are coupled with being in a relationship, Price’s voice is light and welcoming despite the sadness that fills her question, “Do you ever see right through me?”

Laura Stanley

Bravestation – “Haven”

Bravestation have been a little quiet lately, but that silence ended a couple weeks ago with the announcement of a signing to Culvert Music and a new EP on the way. They also released a catchy new track, “Haven.” The song is a nice balance of the sound Bravestation built a cult following around and their more experimental electronic sounds. A wash of synth opens the song before Devin Wilson’s distinctive vocals kick in. As with previous songs, it’s a dreamlike affair, made all the better by Jeremy Rossetti’s kickass percussion. Needless to say, we’re excited about where this band is going.

Michael Thomas

Scattered Clouds – “Enchanteresse”

Just like a scattering of the clouds in the sky forebodes gloom, so too does this band have an air of foreboding around their music. Though relatively quiet at first (ditto the deep vocals) it surprisingly reaches loud peaks throughout, constantly keeping the listener guessing. This mysterious band will perhaps become a bit less mysterious with the release of their latest LP on April 21 on E-Tron Records.


Safia Nolin – “Igloo”

Francophone musician Safia Nolin’s emotional song (highlighted by Nolin’s rich vocals) “Igloo” finally got the video treatment and is it ever perfect. A heavy song about getting lost in (or hiding from) the messiness that surrounds you, the video starts off like a very sad homage to “Thrift Shop” before tracing Nolin’s snowy journey back to her apartment and her own igloo.


Hawk and Steel – “David and Kate” 

In the vein of John Mellencamp’s “Jack & Diane,” Joel Plasket’s “Nina and Albert,” the numerous renditions of “Frankie and Albert,” comes Hawk and Steel’s new song “David and Katie.” From their forthcoming record Anywhere But Here, due out June 23, “David and Katie” is the story of a bank robbery gone wrong, a notable plot difference compared to the previously mentioned songs, set to the tune of Hawk and Steel’s warm alt-country style.


Lonnie in the Garden – “Song 3”

This great London, Ontario band continues to evolve, and it’s hard to think of a time they were more kickass than right here on “Song 3.” The video contrasts pristine, still now with the darker presence of the woman in the video, and the beautiful vocals of the song make the song haunting—until the guitars start to kick in for an unexpectedly adrenaline-filled ending. #Lonnie2015


West Nile – “TURNT 2 CULT”

Holy shit, London, Ontario is on a roll in this roundup. We don’t know a heck of a lot about this group, but we do know that they are producing music that is too good to not listen to on endless repeat. “TURNT 2 CULT” is the band’s second offering and it’s filled to the brim with 80s synths and an irresistible groove. We need more of this, ASAP.


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