Review – Song Harvest Volume One – Megan Nash

reviewed by Elysse Cloma

meganNashAlbumSinger-songwriter Megan Nash makes the kind of music that will shake the foundations of your heart. There is sincerity in each and every strum of her electric guitar, and she brings a high magnitude of energy to the music on her second album, Song Harvest Volume One. The feeling of isolation that the album exudes might be due to the fact that it was recorded live off the floor in a one hundred year old church in Palmer, Saskatchewan. Even without the knowledge of Nash’s recording process, Song Harvest Volume One is an emotional album that’s best enjoyed in solitude.

Megan Nash plays electric guitar and sings without any accompaniment. The stripped down style of her record leaves her music exposed, but it’s not lacking in the least. It’s filled with incredible artistry. On Song Harvest Volume One, Nash’s challenging melodies are complemented by excellent lyricism and an incomparable vocal performance. The songs “I’m Only Somebody” and “Deer Head” are strong tracks pulsing with unpredictable tunings and heart-wrenching lyrics that seem to characterize most of her album. “If I’m only somebody then tell me where you’re going to sleep/you’ll only let me down”, sings Nash on I’m Only Somebody”.

In addition to her unique lyrical style, Nash’s powerhouse singing voice will leave you hanging onto every word while eagerly anticipating the next. The first track “Start of Something” has some steady guitar plucking in the lower register, while she sings in an elegant falsetto for some of the chorus. On “Start of Something”, there’s another incredible line where she eloquently describes the melancholy of new beginnings: “so many deaths have led to this birth”. With Song Harvest Volume One, Nash shows us the beautiful side of heartbreak.

Top Tracks: “I’m Only Somebody”; “Start of Something”

Rating: Hunting Call (Excellent) + *swoop* 

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