Review – “Secret Life” – Moon King

Moon King_Secret Life_AlbumCoverArtreviewed by Kirsty Chan

Secret Life doesn’t sound like an album recorded in the middle of the Canadian wilderness, but it is. Straight from a year of touring with their two EPs, Obsession 1 and Obsession 2, Toronto duo Moon King took to a cabin in Northern Ontario to record their debut LP. The result is an ethereal 9-track album that’s full of twinkling melodies and subtle creative embellishments.

Secret Life opens on “Roswell”, an upbeat, catchy song that blends genres with touches of rock, pop, and electronica. The next song, title track Secret Life sounds like something you’d dream up in the middle of a fever. Its breathy vocals and the layered, fervent music plays with listeners as it swoops and builds.

The album hits its emotional high half way through on “Hexe”. Fresh out of the dreamy “Come Back”, “Hexe” sweeps into the album on a wave of joy. The steadily bouncing beats and anthemic singing are infectious without being overwhelming.

“Apocalypse” is a clear highlight on Secret Life. It starts simply before stretching out effortlessly and expanding into reverberating guitars and a driving rhythm. The album closes quietly with “Medicine”, a song that just barely brushes singer-songwriter territory and then turns it on its head with distant vocals and muffled guitar.

Secret Life comes out on April 14 on Last Gang Records. You can stream “Roswell” and “Apocalypse” on their Bandcamp, or check out this live video of them.

Top Tracks: “Apocalypse”; “Medicine”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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