Review – “Quiet Songs EP” – Lindsay Kupser

Kupserreviewed by Kirsty Chan

Lindsay Kupser’s Quiet Songs EP lives up to its name with five delicately crafted songs. Kupser is a Calgary native currently residing in Boston, but the singer-songwriter has plans to relocate to Vancouver in the near future. The EP’s running themes of loneliness and love-gone-wrong do not make for a light listen, but for an emotional night in it does the trick.

“All of My Bones Broke on Thursday Evening” opens the album with an eerie guitar melody that builds with Kupser’s voice as she becomes increasingly frantic. The song drifts to an unsettling calm before fading away.

The album moves on to “Couldn’t Move to Brooklyn”, which highlights one of the album’s greatest strengths: storytelling. The song starts out with a simple strummed background that allows Kupser’s honeyed vocals to stand out. Her lyrics imply a discontent and desperation by the time Kupser hits the chorus and begs, “Please don’t leave me.”

Her storytelling skills come into play again on “Tough Country” as Kupser sings a sad song of love that echoes through the generations and the bond between mothers and daughters.

The album closes on “Everything Feels So Hard Always”, another song with minimalist instrumentals. Again, Kupser’s voice shines through with haunting bluntness and clarity. The last line of the album wraps up this approach with its lingering last line: “I leave wrong men, right men leave me and it makes me sad.”

Released on March 14, Quiet Songs EP is her follow up release to last year’s debut, The Boston EP. They’re available to stream and buy on Bandcamp. Give it a listen for entrancing vocals, evocative melodies, and a sense of simple honesty.

Top Tracks: “Couldn’t Move To Brooklyn”; “Everything Feels So Hard Always”

Rating: Proud Hoot (really good)

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