Review – “Top 40 Radio Memory Dream (Oh Yeah!)” – Purple Hill

reviewed by Elysse Cloma

album artwork

Purple Hill plays rock and roll “that encompasses decades”. Top 40 Radio Memory Dream (Oh Yeah!) is an album title that says it all. Purple Hill has demonstrated the ability to replicate the popular rock and roll sounds that we’ve heard on the airwaves throughout the decades. And, in true rock and roll fashion, their album Top 40 Radio Memory Dream (Oh Yeah!) was recorded live off the floor at 6 Nassau Studios in Toronto with Jeff McMurrich, who has worked with acts such as Constantines, Owen Pallett, Basia Bulat, and Fucked Up.

Even though the rock and roll genre developed out of innovation and rule breaking, Purple Hill seems to be following the formulae or “discipline” of popular rock music. “Sweat Out The Take Out” and “Six String All To My Heart” are country-influenced guitar tunes, similar to the styles of Glenn Campbell or Springsteen. “Six String All To My Heart” is highly evocative of Blue Rodeo tunes, with a splash of organ in the mix and Owen Marchildon’s emotional Jim Cuddy-esque vocal performance.

While there is something formulaic and conventional about their songs, Purple Hill manages to avoid being monotonous. “Through Your Nightmares” is an upbeat punk tune that has teeth and a wicked guitar riff. “I’ve Been Listening to Nico” is a perfect pastiche that sounds part Velvet Underground, part grunge. Incorporating a breadth of styles on Top 40 Radio Memory Dream (Oh Yeah!) might seem ambitious, but Purple Hill has successfully created an album that is a pure homage to rock and roll.

Top Tracks: “I’ve Been Listening to Nico”; Six String All To My Heart

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really good)

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