Premiere: 5 videos from Valued Customer

room bed fathersToronto’s lovable weirdos Valued Customer have been a little quiet lately, but with good reason. They’ve been working on a new album, Hugecup, set for a release late this year.

But in the meantime, they’ve come out with not one, or two, but five new videos from their chaotically brilliant album Kalpa. Grayowl Point is proud to premiere all five of them at once, and be on the lookout for a mixtape of new material from the band very shortly.

All videos are by Valued Customer and Hayet Coghlan except for “Joni,” by Dylin North.

“Quando quebra” starts things off in a colourful and abstract direction, largely focusing (at first) on pulsating shape. But as the music starts to sound like it’s breaking down, there’s a sudden explosion of colour that will make you question reality.

The video for “second moon” starts with a shot of a guy with a painted face staring intently into the camera, for an almost mesmeric quality. Eventually he closes his eyes though, and the video starts to look like an indoctrination video with its rapidly-changing colours and images. Eagle-eyed viewers may catch the brief glimpse of Justus’ awesome flower guitar.

It’s like there are two videos at war on “Joni,” with bright, psychedelic colours blanketing moving figures in the background. Sometimes they’re animals, sometimes human beings, and who knows what else is back there?

The video for “beatrice” is another journey, starting out psychedelic like the previous videos but then laying out some concrete images later; a maple leaf, folding fabric and more comprise this spiritual-sounding song.

What does your heart desire? Footage of colourful objects sitting in rippling water? A starry backdrop? Swirling yellows? Giant bubbles? Well you’re in luck, because the video for “room/bed/fathers” has all of the above and more.


  1. The Value Customer an all the others Hayet’s Coghlan videos area awesome. she must to be nominated as the most creative film director. I have no words. Brravisssimo Hayet.

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