Review – OK Jazz – OK Jazz

reviewed by Laura Stanley a0141958352_2

OK Jazz’s debut EP is incredibly fun. I can’t say it any better than that. Each of its seven songs are flashes of feelings, random moments, and “the things we want to make songs about” as the band states. I immediately listened to it three times in a row and texted my friend a lyric from “fuck the boys club” because it reminded me of her. OK Jazz’s brand of DIY punk rock feels as it has been soaked in the creative camaraderie that comes with living in a university town with five of your best friends. It’s all so playful and relatable you’ll want to tell those same friends all about it.

The three-piece Calgary band’s short burst of songs excel because they are so quick. Their dynamism and stories are condensed leaving little space for spare words or wasted energy. In an ode to a hungry pet (I assume), “Julius” is a bright EP opener that ends with the spelling of Julius for a very loveable sentiment. Continuing the animal theme, “Spider” is a slighter darker track about an ill-fated spider and a cold killer. 

The previously mentioned “fuck the boys club” is a spirited call to arms to smash the patriarchy with your pals. Amongst a fury of power chords and loud bass part, OK Jazz hold nothing back on this one. Getting each member to contribute to vocals, it’s in the chorus where the trio comes together to chat “fuck the boys club! Join our people club!” where the song shines brightest. It’s hard not to join them.

In a surprisingly emotional number, “skype me” looks at the anxiety and uncertainty that comes with relationships in the technological age. The haziest song from the EP, a hastily handled distorted guitar is the background for the urgent sounding question, “what are you doing on your computer that’s so much better than me?”

To end their EP, OK Jazz lets you know that they are fans of the sketch comedy show, “Kids in the Hall.” If you didn’t pick up on the nod to the show in their earlier track “Cabbage Head,” it couldn’t be more clear here. In a simple and, once again, fun number, “Kids in the Hall” is a great little tribute. 

By the time OK Jazz is through, you’ll be wanting to join the band’s people club.

Top Tracks: “Fuck the Boys Club,” “Skype Me”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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