Canadian Premiere: Marker Starling – “Uphill Battle”

Marker Starling
Marker Starling

In many ways, the video for “Uphill Battle” is representative of the entire attitude behind the new album from Marker Starling (aka Chris A Cummings), Rosy Maze. Cummings has been a mainstay in Toronto for a decade-and-a-half but his sound has matured as he entered a new stage of life.

In the video, backed by a soulful piano-based song, we follow Marker Starling and two friends, dressed to the nines, at first in a classy bar and then elsewhere—cheap eats, tennis and more, all in suits and ties. It’s the final few dozen seconds of the video that add a sweet twist on everything that’s happened.

Rosy Maze will be out on March 30 on Tin Angel Records.

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