Review – “Green Tape” – Terrorista

reviewed by Elysse Cloma

Green Tape Album Artwork
Green Tape Album Artwork

Toronto “two-PEACE post-post-post-punk band” Terrorista just released Green Tape. It’s the penultimate release in a series of four cassettes following Pink Tape and Purple Tape, and the final cassette Blue Tape comes out in March. Terrorista’s music is some no-frills grunge-rock that’s loud and fast.

Judging by the Terrorista’s accompanying visuals, they’re a band that’s found a balance between being aloof and present. Distant, but not uninvolved, they give the camera lens straight-on deadpan stares in their Bandcamp profile photo, posing behind a houseplant and a ukulele. Their music video for “Dirty Smile”, directed by Emma Arkell and Genevieve Latour depicts the band in an oversaturated CMYK dreamland with busy animation. Terrorista’s jokester attitude and super cool visuals are demure, attractive and inviting, leaving us wanting in on their post-post-post-punk joke.

While Terrorista’s presentation might be encoded with messages only legible to hipsters, the tracks on Green Tape are tangible and catchy. They’re a couple of upbeat, head bopping tunes that are loyal to the style of grunge and garage rock, with demanding electric guitar and predictable drumbeats. The song “Sean Drums” quickly finds a comfortable groove, with call-and-response vocals on the chorus that are used in good taste. Though there’s not a lot of dimension to the song, it’s nice to hear music that, unlike the slew towards psychedelia in indie music lately, does’t have a lot of reverb. The simplicity of Terrorista’s music gives us a raw taste of their musicianship and keeps things fresh! 

Top Tracks: “Sean Drums”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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