Review – “Half Pint Full Heart” – Mip Power Trio

reviewed by Kirsty ChanHPFH-Cover-1000-rpg

The Mip Power Trio has the soundtrack for your next road trip covered with their sophomore album, Half Pint Full Heart. The band hails from Smithers B.C., but their latest release covers the full spectrum of Canadiana from rollicking roots rock to new wave quirk. Their diverse influences make sense since producer and engineer Ian McGettin made his name working with artists like Joel Plaskett, Sloan, Matt Barber, and more.

Half Pint Full Heart comes out swinging with “Breakthrough”, a song that achieves dance-worthy status without succumbing to saccharine hooks as they chant that all they wanna do is is “breakthrough to you.” And that’s a goal that they spend the rest of the album achieving.

The album moves through to “Grown-Up Games”, a bouncing circus with acrobatic vocals and dynamic tempo. The variety of the album is most clearly showcased here as Mip Power Trio sing-songs their way through poignant lyrics exploring the bliss and frustration of youthful naiveté. “Limilou Blue” pulls the rug out on the listener once again with a (perhaps predictably) blues-y vibe. The song is boot-stomping rock built for a long drive down an empty road.

Half Pint Full Heart is a well-rounded album that offers listeners smart music that’s weird in all the right ways and with it, Mip Power Trio has established themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

Half Pint Full Heart is released on February 27, but you can check out some of their other releases on their website.

Top Track: “Grown-Up Games”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really good)