Review – “Splenda Thief EP” – The Lonely Parade

splenda thiefreviewed by Michael Thomas

After releasing an album that was a blog favourite last year, Peterborough’s dynamic trio The Lonely Parade are back with an equally excellent EP that further cements this band’s innate awesomeness.

The Lonely Parade, lyrically, are political, but don’t spew the kind of politics you’d hear at a picket line in front of the American embassy. Rather, the criticisms are subtle, right down to deciding to call the EP Splenda ThiefBut the band also throws in some emotional honesty, and combined with their slick instrumentals, the trio continues to be a force to be reckoned with.

The EP gradually gets softer as it goes on, starting with the crunchy opener “Stéphane Dion.” The largely instrumental song with badass bass and siren-like guitar is oddly the perfect song legacy for the brief Liberal Party leader, especially when the song’s few lyrics come through, including “I’m not worthy, I feel naked, I feel dirty.”

“Mono” is perhaps the most overtly political song though, seemingly a satire of human intelligence and our collective ability to stick our heads in the sand. Lines like “We want answers! We want single, comfortable answers” speak volumes in just a few words.

Things get a little softer but no less powerful with “Stomach,” with fuzzy minor guitar chords, brushed drums and subtle but solid bass providing the main melody. It gets off to a hell of a start with the lyrics “I am sad, but if you’re happy/I puked in your house, it felt good,” and features quite the memorable chorus, too: “This stomach can predict the future/Cause when I think of you, I feel ill.”

And finally, there’s “Numbers,” noticeably a longer song than the band usually plays and sung a lot more softly too. It’s comes across as a mournful song until the guitar picks up a little in spots, but still resigns itself with lyrics like “Everything’s not gonna work out.”

Once again, The Lonely Parade prove themselves remarkably mature and polished far beyond what their years would suggest. We need more bands like them in the world.

Top Track: “Mono”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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