Review – “Post​-​sauce” – Carnior

reviewed by Laura Stanley a0282352157_10

Whenever submissions come in from bands that label themselves as a type jazz fusion, all-instrumental, and throw around the vague term “experimental,” I drift towards them. Their always surprising mixtures of sounds and genres somehow put my mind at ease. The Montreal band Carnior nicely fits in with my continual desire for clarity or, at best, a soundtrack for my neuroses. 

Carnior embrace both chaos and creativity. Their songs sprawl while swinging up and down with the emotions that they cohabitate with. Amongst the wanderings of Post-sauce (let it also be known that I have no idea what “post-sauce” is), Carnior have an energy that never ebbs. Though the various movements in each song cause the band to allocate this energy in different ways, Carnior never lack spirit.

At only four and a half minutes,“Soyouz” is the most accessible of the three through no less experimental. Highlighted by bright keyboard and synth work, the entire song stays fairly light while keeping a groovy feeling going.

This groovy feeling continues right into the next song, “Dark foncé (sul’ sofa),” but only sticks around for a few moments before becoming absorbed into one of its numerous sounding sides. Approaching the 5 minute mark, Carnior prepares you for an approaching blistering wall of sound but instead, a surprising keyboard and synth combo crops up again. The darkness from moments before is broken through for a captivating end to a complex number.   

Launching off with a drum solo from Yannick Decelles-Gagnon, Post-sauce’s final number, “Éthéré(e)” fully embraces the electronic side of the band that had previously only been hinted at. With a noteworthy heavy middle section filled with swirls and whirls of electronic creations, “Éthéré(e)” is Carnior considering what else their creative minds can conquer. 

Make it be loud, let yourself get loose, and try to figure out what Post-sauce means.

Top Track: “Dark foncé (sul’ sofa)”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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