Audible/Visual Hoots: Century Palm, The Golden Dogs, Illitry, & more

Scene from The Golden Dogs' "Decided" video
Scene from The Golden Dogs’ “Decided” video

The Golden Dogs – “Decided” 

The Golden Dogs’ “Decided” is powerfully poppy and wildly energetic. It’s got that groovy throwback feel that makes you want to get up and dance. Suitably, the video for “Decided” features some trippy photo shoot fun, complete with weird costumes, and enhanced guitar solos thanks to psychedelic graphics. “Decided” will appear on their new record 3 1/2, out February 17th.

Great Lake Swimmers – “Zero in the City” 

It’s been three years since the release of New Wild Everywhere but Great Lakes Swimmers will return April 21st with their new record, A Forest of Arms. In the album’s first preview, “Zero In The City,” it’s not surprising that lead singer Tony Dekker’s hushed vocals continue to cause an emotional response. Surrounded by swelling violins, “Zero In The City” is another melodious and organic folk gem from the GLS.

Elliot Maginot – “Monsters at War”

Alone, Elliot Maginot’s moody folk-pop song “Monsters at War” is a thing of beauty. It’s quiet and confessional quality is heightened by Maginot’s passionate vocal display. Paired with an ominous video featuring gorgeous shots of nature, Maginot has a real winner here.

Ponctuation –  “Poésie Automatique”

Ponctuation’s brand of reckless, fast-paced, poppy punk-rock transcends language. In the band’s latest effort, “Poésie Automatique,” Ponctuation feels stronger and much fuller compared to their debut record 27 Club. Ending with a messy guitar and drum combo, “Poésie Automatique” hints at a rich new record.

Jon Lawless – “Victory Lap”

Jon Lawless has been making such a great string of songs as Swim Good that you might forget he makes excellent folk-flavoured music under his own name. With the help of Ruby Handley-Stone on backup vocals, the acoustic guitar ditty is surprisingly poignant. It sardonically cuts down the tradition of sending someone special a love song. It ends with two lines, repeated, for extra efficacy: “All the boys your age are stupid little showoffs/And all the songs I write honestly don’t do anything.”

Illitry – “Wildberry”

This Hamilton electronic outfit continues to intrigue with a steady stream of singles and videos. “Wildberry” shows some influence of house music without explicitly falling into the realm of “dance tracks.” Instead, like previous singles, it’s lush but spare — faint sprinkles of synths and a steady drum machine guide the listener through this breezy, catchy song. After taking it easy, the song gets a bit more urgent in the second half.

Century Palm – “New Creation”

As a cold wave washes over Toronto, this video from the recently-formed Century Palm may make you a little bit colder. Over a catchy guitar-and-synth melody, the video follows the five band members at the Highland Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. Oh yes, and it’s also snowing. Depending on how you feel about winter, you’ll either wish you could join them in kicking icicles or look around for some extra blankets.

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