Review – “Smash The State (With Your Face)” – Fashionism

reviewed by Anna Alger

A quick, explosive trio of songs introduces listeners to Vancouver supergroup, Fashionism, featuring members of Tranzmitors, New Town Animals, and The Jolts. Keeping the energy high and the sound heralding back to their roots, Fashionism is making the music that its members know how to write best. Their debut 7″, entitled Smash The State (With Your Face) is a fast and thorough display of the band’s chops.

The 7″ opens with the title track, a catchy power pop number featuring pounding drums along with fun interplay between the organ and guitar. Shades of ’70s British punk are evident in the band’s sound. “Where Have All The Rock ‘n’ Roll Girls Gone?” is the next song, opening with simple chords that burst into a fleshed out chorus featuring rollicking piano and bass. A contained guitar solo leads into a refrain of the first verse. “Breaking Out” is the final track, featuring brass attitude and youthful vocals. The guitar is strong and confident, weaving around the vocals and off on its own tangents with the assurance of a seasoned player.

Fashionism uses momentum in their first collection of songs to sustain the listener’s interest, excitement and intension pervading their music. It is not the musical background of the group, but its composition of members from various bands that creates the classic, solid songs on Smash The State (With Your Face).

Smash The State (With Your Face) is available now via Hosehead Records.

Top Tracks: “Breaking Out,” “Where Have All The Rock ‘n’ Roll Girls Gone?”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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