Review – “In The AM Wilds” – The High Dials

reviewed by Kirsty ChanIn-The-AM-WILDS

From the very first song on In The AM Wilds one thing is apparent: when The High Dials groove, they groove hard. Opening with the electronica melody of “Echoes and Empty Rooms” listeners are lulled into a world of just-about-danceable delight, before the album takes a turn at “Barroom Fisher King”.

“Flowers on the Vine” is a beautifully relaxed (if perhaps slightly out of place) folksy tune, while “Amateur Astronomer” marches along in a cinematic parade of swooping background melodies and driving rhythm. But somewhere around “Afterparty” the darkness that has always been lurking takes over and the rest of the album plays with this combination of light and dark.

The track listing is well put together and the album moves like a dream as it weaves together psychedelic power-pop, haunting melancholia, and gritty darkness. In The AM Wilds is in equal parts a colourful trip and a stumble down darkest parts of your own mind.

The album will be released on February 3, and may contain some surprises for long-time fans. Lead singer Trevor Anderson says that working with producer Marc Bell (We Are Wolves, The Fugees) encouraged the band to branch out creatively and explore some influences that had “always been there lurking but never really come through.”

You can stream In The AM Wilds here.

Top Track: “Amateur Astronomer”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)


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