Audible/Visual Hoots: Silver Morning, Jesse Roper, Donovan Woods & more

Scene from Sigh Down One’s “Feeler” video

Silver Morning – Intentions/Wilting Ones

Silver Morning, another product of the new Toronto music collective Headquarters Cooperative, show two very different sides of the band in their recent two song release. Where “Intensions” is a sprawling display of sonic-elements followed by a heavy guitar/bass combo that casts a dark and weighty shadow over the whole affair, “Wilting Ones” floats. With a much lighter guitar/vocal combo, “Wilting Ones” speaks of sorrow and change – these lyrics are some of the most powerful, “Walking in a jacket that’s big on me/It’s tailored to the girl you want me to be/Buttoned up yet ripped at the seams.”

Though musically different, the emotional complexity of “Wilting Ones” matches the instrumental complexities of “Intensions” for a promising preview of Silver Morning.

Jesse Roper – “Hurricane’s Eye” 

About fifty seconds into Jesse Roper’s “Hurricane’s Eye,” the gentle hum of a picked acoustic guitar that begins the song is mocked. What follows is a rowdy display of blues-rock that is injected with both the wails of a harmonica and the spirit of music’s past thanks to Roper’s strong vocals. In the video for “Hurricane’s Eye,” the song will appear on Roper’s forthcoming album Red Bird, Roper is seen receiving some guidance from a shaman before seeking revenge for a murder. An imaginative and eerie video that somehow perfectly matches the vibe of the song.

Donovan Woods – “That Hotel”

Donovan Woods knows how to tug at heart strings and he does so again in his new song. In “That Hotel”, Woods sings of a failed relationship where a hotel room (“room 413 by the elevator”), no matter how lonely, is a place where possibility is still alive, love is still an option, and the telephone might ring. A sad-sack tune perfect for your winter blues.

Tamara Williamson – “Victoria”

It’s taken a while, but Toronto music veteran Tamara Williamson is back with a new album, Sister Mother Daughter Wife, out soon. It took a very unusual—and dark—story to inspire her to write music. It was that of Victoria Montenegro, whose parents were actually her abductors, and the story only gets more twisted from there. The resulting track, “Victoria,” is powerful, put plainly. With a simple percussion and reverbed vocals, Williamson tells the chilling story from the point of view of Montenegro. As she moves into the chorus, some guitar adds an eerieness to the lyrics “I love my mother, and I love my father.”

Sigh Down One – “Feeler”

Sometimes a video and song perfectly match up. Such is the case with Montreal grunge trio Sigh Down One. A kaleidoscope of warm and cool colours shows shots of the band over the soundtrack of the catchy and downright delightful song “Feeler.” Fuzzy guitars played at a frenetic pace and some poppy vocals create a hazy feeling that will probably translate to Sigh Down One being your favourite band of the upcoming summer.

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