Review- “Groups”- ACAB Rocky

reviewed by Elysse Cloma

ACAB Rocky album artworkACAB Rocky’s album Groups is a series of “random” songs recorded in their garage. Set to release on Human Sounds Records in February 2015, the album is a motley assortment of home recordings. It’s a mix, of songs old and new, giving it a cassette tape feel – the perfect touch for an emo revival band.

Perfectly encapsulating the Northwest indie sound, Victoria, BC band ACAB Rocky is definitely for lovers of lo-fi indie and emo. The duo sounds like Mount Eerie’s protégés. Like Phil Elverum, Sam Wells’ sings in a low murmur that’s just barely in tune, and veiled in a cloak of melancholy. Although the first track on Groups is a minute-long psych rock instrumental jam, the bulk of the songs on the album are characterized by roughly tuned guitar and heart-rending vocals. “I’d like to dim the light in your eyes” is an emo masterpiece, with wavy guitar chords and melodies that attach themselves to your memory.

The simplicity of ACAB Rocky’s sound seems to be as much of an asset as it is a limitation. While the songs on Groups are easy to listen to, they border on predictable. Often the song lyrics and structure can seem really flat, but despite this, ACAB Rocky’s songs are still very much accessible and easy to relate with. The simplicity of the sound allows you to reach into the lyrics, and in all respects, there is nothing onerous about listening to Groups.

Top Tracks:I’d Like TO Dim The Light In Your Eyes”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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