Review – “The View From Pompey’s Head” – Pomptet

reviewed by Anna Alger

Sink into the luxurious jazz musings of Montreal band, Pomptet. Recorded at Café Résonance, the record provides an apt soundtrack for a languid night.

A simple vocal melody leads various complementary instrumental tracks in as “Chinatown” starts the album off. Understated piano in particular plays off of the minimal percussion and jazz vocals. Next is the slow, similarly understated, “When I See You Next.” Completely instrumental, the song is full of warm bass notes and meandering guitar.

“T.S.” is led by the piano and drums, the guitar folding into the soundscape seamlessly. Vocalist Thanya Iyer sings “It’s a long hard road,” as the music builds in time. As the album moves along, a wistful highlight is found in the melding of voice and other instruments featured in “Head Out.” The guitar and piano battle it out later on in the piece, creating tension as they attempt to overcome each other.

Pomptet are creating uniquely independent jazz, displaying a pop influence and intriguing improvisational passages. The View From Pompey’s Head has a consistent tone, which although not the most indicative of the band’s range, allows them to showcase their skills at creating a classic sound.

The View From Pompey’s Head is available as a name-your-price download via Pomptet’s Bandcamp page.

Top Tracks: “When I See You Next,” “NDFRNW”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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