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true love in modern stereoreviewed by Michael Thomas

It’s the blog’s first review of 2015 and we’re apparently setting the year’s tone with some music that should inspire many a dance move. Peterborough’s roboteyes have taken a little time off between this new EP and their last, and there’s a noticeable difference between the two.

On True Love in Modern Stereo, the band makes no attempts at pretension. These are just honest-to-goodness, synth-infused pop songs. Katie LeDeuce is who you’ll hear front and centre on vocals, but Ryan Ford (guitars) and Matt Servo (synths) provide the backdrop that allows LeDeuce’s vocals to shine.

The most obvious influence on the band is the sound of the eighties. You can hear it in the slick production and futuristic sounds of the synthesizers. Perhaps nowhere is this influence more apparent than in “Call My Name,” a song that first sounds so much like a Police song that the opening lyric that begins with “Sending out” will instantly make listeners fill in the blank with “an SOS.” But it’s not a Police song, and it features some big, proud vocals and synths that make for an earworm.

The EP starts out, however, with “In Flames,” which will immediately show fans that the band has gotten a lot slicker. The pulsing synthsizers and dollops of percussion make the song just straddle the line between well-produced and overcalculated, and it’s an interesting note to begin on.

The EP’s highlight comes next with “Coattails,” a song that toys with subtlety and brashness in equal measures. Rather than blast a synthesizer wave straight away, it brings in just some guitars and a more subdued tone. But as soon as LeDeuce comes in singing “So put your coattails on” the chorus explodes into something louder.

The EP takes a little left turn for the final two songs, “Waiting and Watching” and “Change For Me.” The latter is much slower in tempo, almost a ballad. The former features much darker-sounding synths to help better portray the anxiety LeDeuce sings about.

To find out if it’s really true love, give it a while. True Love in Modern Stereo will be out on January 6, 2015.

Top Track: “Coattails”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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