Review – “HA!” – Ginger Ale and the Monowhales

reviewed by Laura Stanley a0675272265_2

First and foremost: Ginger Ale and the Monowhales is a hell of a band name! Combined with their colourful cover art and the EP’s title HA!, it’s only fitting that the band’s music is incredibly fun. Recklessly leaving behind good judgement, HA! is a four song rush of synth infused pop-rock that has one goal: to get you up and dancing.

Within the opening bars of the EP’s first song “Too Late,” it is evident that lead vocalist Sally Shaar sings with attitude. Never afraid to belt out a scream (which can be heard throughout), Shaar’s vocals play off of Monowhale Zach Zanardo’s tendency to launch into guitar solos, funky bass lines provided by Sara D’Alimonte (the heart of “Told You So”) and the synth riffs from Holly Jamieson for an electrifying party.

Where parts of “Too Late” offer a more restrained side of the band, until the last minute where everything is let loose, “Say What You Want To Say” doesn’t hold back a thing. Highlighted by the delivery of the line “this might be wrong but you’re useless, pathetic,” “Say What You Want To Say” struts from angry verses, to a catchy chorus, to a big time bridge for a surprisingly wordy and dark (careful listening will reveal this) number.

“To The Curb” provides the big-time ending that this musically and lyrically packed EP needs. Beginning with a light synth inclusion, walking beat, and fun melody, “To The Curb” builds to a huge and communal ending. By exaggerating the doo-wop style backing vocals, “To The Curb” is cheeky and downright empowering. You would be a fool to get yourself kicked to the curb. 

Top Track: “To The Curb”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)


  1. […] The band with one of the most fun names ever has released a few singles since the beginning of last year, the latest of which is this grungy new number with some very terrifying album art. Lyrics about feeling hopeless and downtrodden pair nicely with the loud guitars and Sally Shaar really nails the anguish in the words; by the end of the song she’s almost screaming. The white walls are forever painted red. -MT […]

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